Rydych yma

Event Info

What do I need to do:

After you have registered online to take part in the event. Make sure your phone is fully charged and here are some step-by-step instructions to make sure you’re good to go

  1. Download (or update if you already have it) the TDL Events app on Apple App Store or Google Play Store - https://rtrt.me/app/vtdm20
  2. Open the TDL App and choose the Tour de Mon Virtual Event
  3. You will be asked if you are a Participant, click YES
  4. Search for your name
  5. When asked, confirm who you are
  6. Now claim your profile using the email you registered with. This sends you a confirmation link to ensure you are the only person who can claim your profile
  7. Claiming your profile is key as it will associate your cycle with your details, a short video here may assist - https://youtu.be/n60X2mlxkLg or you can find full instructions in the User Guide either in the info section of the app or by following the link - HERE
  8. You can now go and do as many practice rides as you like anytime up until the start time of the actual event.  During your practice, you can see your true location, but no-one else can.
  9. On race day the event will start at 07:00 (BST). You can START immediately or you can actually start your ride yourself any time from 07:00 right up until 07:00 the following day (a full 24hrs). Note, the countdown right now starts at 5 and counts down after you hit START RIDE. 
  10. You will receive split alerts and your tracking will stop automatically after completing the required distance, even if you’re doing a longer route.
  11. Friends, Family and Spectators can follow you by downloading the TDL Events App or on any web browser by visiting: https://track.rtrt.me/e/TDL-VTDM-2020

Minimum Technical Specifications For Enhanced Virtual Events

  • All phones must use iOS 13 or Android 8 or a more recent operating system. Failure to meet this minimum technical specification will prevent the tracking app from performing properly and will impair the user experience. No refunds will be offered if this prevents the participant taking part.
  • Battery usage varies from phone to phone. AAHE will not be held responsible for any failure in battery life through the use of the tracking app. We strongly advise everyone to take part with a batter/power pack.
  • AAHE will not be held responsible for any impairment of event participation due to phone battery life being insufficient to complete the course.

Postal Deadline

  • To ensure you receive your event number in time for event day, and have your medal waiting for you once you’ve completed the event we will be posting everything out 10 days before. 
  • If you enter after the final postal deadline we cannot guarantee that your event bib, medal and additional merchandise will arrive in time for event day but it should be with you within 10 days of the event finishing.
  • International delivery times may be longer.

Minimum age

  • Minimum age of entry for the Tour de Môn Virtual Event is 13 years old. Riders under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
  • Remember to inform someone of where you are going and to check in with them on your return; to carry an ICE (in case of emergency) card with their details; or advice on any other appropriate arrangements they should make pertaining to any medical conditions etc.