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All 2017 Sandman Sprint Duathlon results can be found here

All 2017 Sandman Sprint Triathlon results can be found here

All 2017 Sandman Full Triathlon results can be found here

All 2017 Sandman Savage Triathlon results can be found here

All 2017 Sandman Legend 72.4 Triathlon results can be found here

All 2017 Sandman Junior Triathlon results can be found here


Sandman Triathlon 2017 pictures by Sport Pictures Cymru can be found here

Sandman Triathlon 2017 pictures by Mel Parry Photography can be found here


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Event partners

  • Superfeet
  • High5 Sports Nutrition
  • Aquasphere UK
  • Jones o Gymru
  • Zoot Sports